Thursday, January 8, 2009

I've got mail again

This is a first - a photo of me with the mail LOL :P David brought the mail in the house when he got home tonight and he offered totake my photo with the box while we waited on supper to come out of the oven.

Please excuse my all natural look - today was a soooo stay at home day (except picking up Nora at preschool) and I even forgot that one of the babies had crowned me when we were playin in the floor - I just noticed that now.
hummm, no wonder David greeted me with, "Hello Queen Mother" and a kiss on the cheek when he got home. :) LOL and offered to take my photo! That sneak!

quiltsewpieceful - your minis have arrived here in Texas! Still waiting on 4 others, which only 2 of them have kept me updated.. so I'll wait on those 2 and if the others aren't here by then, then I'm swapping already... if they show up late, I'll hold for the makeup/potluck due in March. ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. You look really cute in that photo. (Of course, I think the crown makes you look a lot younger...hey...THERE's an idea...maybe if I get a crown and wear it, I will look younger too!) So what was in all that mail???

  2. Bonnie - you mean to tell me that you don't always wear your purple crown while cooking dinner??? I love your blog and all the kids pictures - GREAT!!

    Christine - OwenJulesMommy

  3. I am interested in your mini 9 patch swaps. Are there still any openings? I have been quilting for over 20 years and have participated in swaps on about.com

  4. Laurie, I tried to send you a reply but youdo not have yoru email set up and it was sent to a "NO REPLY" address. :(


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