Friday, January 16, 2009


I am postponing my drawing until Friday

I need a just a little more time to verify those of you who accepted my challenge and "Got er DONE!" and posted on your blog for the additional 15 entries.

The winner of my drawing will be notified by email Friday. Thanks everyone for a great response to my give away :) ~bonnie

Love from Texas!


  1. Thanks for letting us know that you had to delay... and we all understand why you don't want the trauma of waiting in line with 3 small kids. My 2 girls have a hard time waiting in line at our post office, and we haven't had a hurricane!

  2. I just started quilting and found your blog from quilting blogs. I can't wait to finish my first quilt!!

  3. And believe me Bonnie, when I say that the Canadian winner of the FQ bingo is still enjoying the surprise!! And knowing what you have gone through to get that pkg out of your hands, well, it means even more now. ;-)

    And it's your fun to do a give away so make sure you can keep enjoying it - having to go through that much trouble to just get your mail, I am surprised your doing a give-away at all!! Just goes to show how big your heart is!!

  4. I agree i had a rambunctious boy i would have never made it in line with him. Your bingo intrigues me I will have to watch for your next bingo game.


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