Thursday, January 22, 2009

oh no I didn't.... Oh YES I DID :P

Hummm.... Bonnie... what is it that you did...? Today I climbed up on TOP of my dining room table..... and not only did I climb up on it but I took a PHOTO of myself too while I was up there!!!
I know... I know... excuse me where are my manners??? I should have warned everyone before posting a photo of myself like that.. oops. and I should have sucked in.. well it wouldn't have shown anyway.. b/c of the blousing shirt... oh well..

So the question is...why did I climb up on TOP of my dining room table today??? Well I started playing with a pile of mini 9 patches that started out looking like this..
I played some this morning before leaving for play group and then some more after I got home... and then some more after the babies went down for their afternoon nap...and well....just look!

need to get a little closer....

and from the other side
oh and I forgot to give credit where credit is due!!! these minis are from the swap I held all of last year... every 3 months I swapped assigned colors each round... limit of 10 sets of 10 per color each time.
Several of my wonderful swappers were so generous and included extras or what I call "leftovers" and thanks to all of them - these beautiful photo is possible.
(Notice the blues? I made blues that first round but none of mine were swappable b/ my sizes were off.. bad hostess bad! bad! but look at the ones at the top right in the 1st photo - those are all leftovers that my swappers gave to me!)
I think the most number of sets I ever made to swap was for the green group - I made 6 or 7 sets...? or was that the oranges?? I in no way, no how - made the most number of sets! Not even close!
Yes, that is right.... there are others out there who I call "SUPERSWAPPWERS" who swapped out 10 sets of each color each time!!! yep, 100 blocks of each... = 700 blocks they have...one swapper did 20 sets.... wow... her pile would make my 500+ look like spare change!!!!
...yep... I did... I did. *giggle*giggle* I was taking photos of the colorful blocks and caught my reflection and just for fun too my own photo a couple times... and THEN BLOGGED them!!! ........and probably never in a million years would I have shared photos of me like THOSE.. usually I'm just a head shot kinda gal...
but I have great news to share - may as well share here with my online friends..
my insurance company APPROVED my surgery!!!
I'm still waiting to get the final details, but one day either THIS coming Mon, Tue or Wed.. or the first 3 days of the following week...I'm having a breast REDUCTION surgery!!!
My heart is pounding just tying this! aak!! I don't know why suddenly I'm so scared about it. (I started last October trying to push to get it done) and have wanted this for evah!
I can't wait to finally BUY clothes that fit MY new BODY! shirts with buttons! and maybe a coat that really fits too?! and buy bras! bras that really fit!!! I was last measured at a 36 FFF... yep three F's! and that was before the twins were born... but finding a cup size for a 36 measurement is IMPOSSIBLE... so I've been hanging out of to and sides and underneath sides..OUCH of the largest bras I can find in stores.. usually a 36 DDD...:( So you can bet I'm lookin forward to throwing those away - perhaps a bra burning!?!?! LOL
and yesterday upon receiving the news... I immediately called my step mom and Dad.. they are on stand by to come down from Kentucky to help take care of the babies...when ever I get the finalized date **crossing fingers that I find out tomorrow**
So in case you don't see me on line in a week or so - that's why... until then I gotta get busy cleaning house and doing laundry! My Dad and step mom will be here as early as this weekend! aak!!!! and the guest bed is covered with fabric!
Oh and one last thing to share.. :)
I don't have photos from tonight.. but before David got home from work.. I got down and played for over an hour down in the floor with the babies... superman flying, tickling...and of course hiding under my quilt with them under there too giggling and having a good ole time!!! aaahhh I'm gonna miss that for the next few weeks while I heal...
==============and for any HGTV quilter's board members - here is a important Fat Quarter Bingo Update Announcement=================
I had planned to send email invites according to groups from last year's bingo... send Group A for a week and reply.. then group B and so on..for a month and then afterwards.. post a sign up for new players on board..but be patient with me... it didn't happen this month (January) but I am hoping to start the email invites in February..depending on my recovery.. mostly if I do the surgery this coming week or the next...so please everyone be patient OK? just a little longer I promise! This year's game is sure to be bigger and better than any of the previous 3 years ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Good luck with the surgery.

  2. Bonnie, I am so glad they finally approved your surgery!!!
    You are gonna look terrific for the retreat. And I bet you will feel 100 times better too.
    prayers for your recovery headed your way
    Now, OMG I love your minis, I have been getting to see Bluesnails when I visit her, and the quilts that are going to come out of this are going to be beautiful.

  3. My first thought when I saw your first shot was "wow! She could give Barbie a run for her money." But I do understand the desire for such surgery. I'm sure you also deal with backaches from overbalancing, and I imagine nursing was kinda tricky at times. I hope your recovery is smooth, and no kids run into your chest for several weeks!

  4. Bonnie, Best of luck with your surgery!! I know it will go great and you will be thrilled with the results. I had to have some post-pregnancy damage repaired a couple years ago and it was a great decision!! Congrats to you :)

  5. I've known a few people who've had breast reduction surgery. Each and every one healed quickly and, most of all, were very pleased with the results.

    After you heal...you can go horseback riding...ride a motorcycle...do jumping jacks. :o) Enjoy yourself!

  6. Prayers for a successful surgery, Bonnie. I love your nine patch collection! Can't wait to see what they look like when they grow up. :)

  7. The blocks look great! I had breast reduction surgery 6 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I was a 36HHH!! Now I am a 36C, barely. I didn't even wear a bra for the first year after my surgery because I didn't have to. Camisoles worked fine.

    You'll never look back once the surgery is over!


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