Wednesday, January 21, 2009

preview of the string blocks

aaahhh,.... look what I came downstairs to see this morning.

Yesterday, I mailed off all of the Round 4 mini swap packages so it left for a clean and clear dining room table... well not for long.

I just couldn't wait to get all of my string blocks received so far out and see what they'd look like so far together. Beautiful aren't they?

and oddly I have 33... I know KC sent me more than 4 but how did I get an odd number?

EDITED TO ADD:So far I've rec'd blocks from:
crazy'boutquilts = (swap hostess)
Knot me
quiltsewpieceful - on the way 1/20

*after I took my photo I found 8 more blocks so there are two more people I've received from... just don't remember who at the moment..... and I just remembered KC1930 sent me a total of 9 blocks "one to grow on she said" ;)

Well with the minis over with for now.. I better get busy and start making all of the CYOC blocks for all of the other swappers... due date of Feb 14th will be here to quickly!

Love from Texas!

1 comment:

  1. Looks very good so far...I love string blocks.


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