Friday, January 23, 2009

Bonus String Blocks for me

Everyone's blocks in the CYOC swap (choose your own colors) are turning out so nicely! I love looking at the thread to see all the beautiful photos everyone is posting on the HGTV board. Is this thread full of beautiful photos or what!?!? I love them all!

Here is a photo I took of the blocks I received today from Quiltsewpieceful. She and I are swappin 8 with each other and she sent an additional 4... she wrote:
I made for he they had centers that were not center. so I started over..... I'm sending the ones I messed up. You can trash tthem or gift them to charity or what ever you wnat to do with them.... Linda
Trash them!~?!?! I can't tell which one's are not centered! Lucky me I got extras! Like em? I LOVE EM!

Love from Texas!


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