Friday, January 16, 2009

Today I read a comment that asked why I only liked US Residents.. and I hope that reader will revisit and see this reply. I also posted it under hers in the comment section.. but then thoguth she may or may not click there to read it. So here goes:

Thanks Guilitta, for visiting my blog – I do not like only US Residents –
actually, just last Spring, one of my Fat Quarter Bingo winners was located in

Call me lazy, or pressed for time, but the MAIN reason I said US only this time - is b/c where I live we had a major hurricane in Sept 2008. Hurricane IKE destroyed our whole downtown area… including our post office. They do have a temporary trailer they are using in my town but all 600+ PO Box holders have to stand in line for their mail b/c they still have not installed locks on the temporary mail boxes in that trailer. Standing in line there is HORRIBABLE!

And b/c you may be new to my blog – let me also note that I have 3 small children ages 4 and under and dragging them out to go wait in line for a hour or more is not something I want to do… nor is driving 30 minutes (one way) to an out of town post office to have weighed for shipping or additional charges to mail out of country. I do go to the town next door when shipping my mini 9 patch blocks, but that is only once each quarter.

So you see, this is why I choose a prize ($15.00 cash) that I can simply place in a standard size envelope, place one stamp on and walk out to my own mailbox here at home and call it DONE :c) I hope you understand and will revisit my blog again sometime.

Love from Texas! -bonnie

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  1. Hello,

    Thank you very much for your comment and explanation. Now I understand why you sayd: only US Residents.

    Greeting and wish you a good time


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