Monday, January 5, 2009

stovetop follow up post

It seems I left you hanging on my stove top clean up project... I posted about it after I had cleaned the stove and while the drip pans and burners were in the sink soaking in hot water... well I soaked them and then scrubbed them and then soaked them some more - all day I tell ya...

and 8 hours later, you couldn't even tell I had touched them! :/ after everything else was so sparkling clean, I just couldn't not bear to put them back in the stove... I did consider covering them with tin foil.. but I really don't like that look at all - reminds me of past apartments... so I..

tossed them in the trash and kissed them GOODBYE! After the twins woke up from their nap, I loaded up all the kids and went to Walmart...something we rarely do during the week unless we NEED something really bad... and I think this qualified for such a trip. :P

I didn't find aluminum shiny ones like the ones I had before in my stove's size - but I did find black.. and I wasn't so sure about black... but after I got them home and installed - I think I'm gonna like them a lot!
and I am not sure if clicking on the photos on my blog will make the photo larger or not... ((some blogs do that and I don't know if that requires me to do something different or not)) but while searching for the photos to add to this post - I JUST NOW saw the drip by the 1st burner knob to the right of the clock - EEEK, I missed a spot! :P
and what about all that white? personally I hate it - but it is what was here when we bought the home. White stove, white sink, white counter tops and back spash...EVEN WHITE TILE FLOOR which I really HATE! and i know my chicken metal thing doesn't sit straight.. it is simply sitting resting there as I'm too afraid to drive a nail in the back spash - it is the same as the counter top and curves up the back where it would meet the wall... which I don't' like b/c even if we wanted to tile the back spash we'd have to also replace the counter tops too b/c it is all one piece.
oh well, ENOUGH about the kitchen! My next post I'll have something quilty to share - I PROMISE! ;) I've had a few productive days in my sewing room!!

Love from Texas!


  1. well you have been very industrious (sp?) The black looks good. I am lucky to have never had an all white kitchen, but I do remember the days of white towels, tea towels, sheets etc. At least we learn as we get older, that has to be an advantage!

  2. The black ones look great but if ever you have the aluminum ones again, stick them in a dish pan, put them outside where the odor can't kill you, pour ammonia over them and let them sit for an hour or so and all that burned on ugly stuff disappears!

  3. You are going to love the black ones. Most spills come off with Magic Erasers. I did my stovetop last night and posted about it this morning:


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