Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy, Happy, Happy...It's time for the Happy Song..

Written on January 14th - hit save and forgot to publish.. sorry! The quilt still isn't done yet.. but lucky for me the teacher is a week behind on the letters... they did review week first week back after Christmas... and with my surgery early Feb. I think I will tie it off and machine quilt later... stay tuned...
Here I am doing the Happy Dance!!! I finished sewing the rows together last night after Midnight for Nora's Happy Quilt.

It's called an "I-Spy" with all the different pictures of things. There are MANY ways to make an I-Spy quilt, I just choose the easiest by framing each one with a color. I actually started collecting all of these fabrics when we first moved to TX 3 years ago.. then I found the HGTV quilters message board online group and participated in a swap! AND I WAS HOOKED! Swappin is so fun.

Nora's Happy Quilt ended up being 8x12 blocks and I'll add another 4 to the backing to = 100 blocks! Which I think is super cool b/c it is right in sync of something she's been working on recently called her 100 ways she makes my heart happy chart

Also on the 27th this month is their 100th day of school :)

If I had more time, I'd make a boarder with all the words of the items embroidered - I saw that done somewhere in blogland (sorry I forget who or I'd link to you) and the gal offered to do it for me.. but unfortunately I don't have the time to wait for those..

I need to have this DONE before the week they are on "Q" ;) either the last week of Jan or first week of Feb - gotta FIND OUT FOR SURE....oh I will be so happy to get this one quilted and bound in time! Wish me luck! :c)

and did I mention that this will be my FIRST attempt at machine quilting!?

By the Way - At our home, we actually have a real "HAPPY DANCE" that I made up the words to... and we do anytime Nora eats everything on her plate...home or away.. which gets a lot of looks in a restaurant b/c people around us thinks it's someones birthday with all the clappin we do.. but there are no servers standing around.. LOL and perhaps I'll video it next time...but I'm not gonna be demonstrating for my blog readers via video..until after my surgery... LOL

Love from Texas!

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