Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Redwork Progress Report

Below is a link to the current thread of everyone at the HGTV Board who is chatting about red work. Appears I'm not the only one who's falling in love with stitchery. ;)

That thread is locked as of now.. but you can find a current one from the main board. Brandyquilter has offered to keep a thread going for us to chat about our current red work show-n-tell or questions... and already there are some great photos that everyone is sharing! :)

I'm so addicted to stitchin anytime I have any stopped and parked wait time in the van. I find myself disappointed when I don't get in a long line at McD's drive thru, I'd rather be the 4th or 5th car back waiting so I have more time to work on my stitchery BOM! :P
Oh and guess what - speaking of being in line.. today I was driving by the car wash and the attendant was on duty so I turned around and went back to get my van washed and I was 3rd in line so happy! more time to stitch!

It may appear that I'm "scatter brained" as I work...but actually it all makes sense to me..:P LOL I skipped the "r" in quilter b/c I am not sure that is the way I want to make my r.... and then after the "n" in Blessings.. I decided to start the inner circle on the scissor handle b/c my thread I had at the time was too short to start the big letter "g"as you see in the photo above..holding it up in the light at the car wash makes all the back threads show.. but under normal light they don't.

and as you will notice in the photo below = I checked and just by luck I did use 2 layers of the white bleached muslin yeaaa! Several quilters have recommended using flannel or batting or another piece.. helps to hide the threads..
Ta-Da! Block 1 DONE! :) Looks pretty good - from a distance... LOL ;)

and lookin ahead...here is the block I choose to work on next. It has a sewing machine and says "Much Stitching"

Love from Texas!


  1. Congrats on finishing your first stitchery block!

    I've been doing some stitchery too and I fused some lightweight interfacing to the back of my fabric and I don't even have to use a hoop!

    Want to say good luck with your up-coming surgery and hope you have a fast and uncomplicated recovery :^)

  2. You're nice and chatty this week! That's good - I like reading!


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