Saturday, September 11, 2010

101 Candy Bars Arrived today!

sorry if this is a "repeat" for any of you - but I just somehow during the day find that loading my pics to facebook is so much more faster and more convenient than writing a blog post - and put off the posting part until night time after the kids are in bed.

Did you catch that title "101 candy bars arrived today!" It sure did make for a fun facebook status this afternoon - only my fb status was a little more detailed but also just enough confusing that it left a couple of my NON Quilting Friends thinking that I had ACTUAL candy bars in my mailbox and they were replying asking how they could get 101 candy bars! LOL :P

My status appeared as:

Bonnie XXXXXX XXXXX walked out to check the mailbox...(still in my PJs *giggle*giggle*) and had 2 packages. One contained 101 CANDY BARS!!! :D Weee! Only 1 of them had melted but I stuck it into the fridge and will enjoy it later this afternoon. Thanks Vicki XXXXXX XXXX you and all the participants did a wonderful job with the great variety of candy bars! ;)

Wasn't that a fun status!? I thought so. Only my quilter friends would know that "candy bars" are precut pieces of fabrics. I sent in 10 sets of 10 = 100 candy bars... but that 101th was this one in the pic below

Mmmm My *VERY MOST* favorite chocolate in the whole wide world!!!

Hershey's Milk Chocolate!

Mmmmm! Thanks Vickiquilts! You are a super great hostess!

the 1 real chocolate candy bar out of the whole bunch went straight to the top shelf in the fridge.... it was too mushy/melty to eat right then.

While Nora played with her colorful markers on a project for Firestone - I played with my colored "candy bars"

a great variety of colors - I only participated in the "scrappy group" and was very pleased with the return. Great job everyone!

Nora came home today with 2 doll pictures - one from Lilly R and one from Ethan.. I asked her who she gave her doll picture to and she said Ethan :) Lilly's doll was wearing a pink ballet tutu and holding a bouquet of pink tulips....whereas Ethan's doll was wearing NOTHING but a necklace and a big toothy smile! :D LOL I tagged both Ethan & Lilly's mothers in my photo on facebook ;)

Nora is working on a coloring contest that the plant manager of Firestone mailed out to everyone. They're having a contest to make up a 2011 Safety Calendar. She immediately "knew" what she wanted to make... not sure how it relates to "Safety" but there was no talking her into coming up with a list of ideas to see what would be best.

Her photo reflects a Barnestine Bears Book called "Too Much TV" and she also drew a girl sitting too close... but then incorporated another picture of her riding her new bicycle at the bottom but refused to put anything to do with being "safe" and wearing a helmet... although she has a bike helmet on in her photo. *sigh* 6 year olds.

It's cute... but I don't think it will be in the final top 12 that they pick for their calendar next year... which will disappoint her. We just got the letter about the contest today and it's open for a month before they are due... so I'm not gonna bother making any other suggestions just yet. She just might get a new idea if I can figure out a way to make it her idea and not mine b/c she is anti anything I suggest. :/

Love from Texas!


  1. What a fun post! Enjoy your 'candy'!

  2. Judy L. sent me a corrected link for your big red X on Patchwork Times.


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