Monday, September 13, 2010

another Bonnie wannabe... meet Subeesews! ;)

I think possibly one of the BIGGEST Bonnie Hunter fans that I know of besides me of course - is one of my swappers Subeesews - have you visited her blog any this year? If not, then you are in for a real treat - it'll be like a new book to you - grab a cuppa...b/c she is the one of the most productive quilters I know in blogland! She makes a lot of Quiltville patterns and also several from Bonnie Hunter's books - her crab-apples is one of my favorite's that she has made recently!

So I'm so excited that she's involved in my Scrappy 4-patch units swap both last time in July and the current October swap! :) I know that the 4 patches I make are really gonna get used soon by Subee! :)

You may have seen her blocks already in her 8/29 post - she said it was all about the contrast... ;) and she's right - This is just a fun swap to see up close and in person - b/c you just never know what you're gonna get... a batik purple in the same block as a calico or a stripe?? Anything goes!

All that matters is the contrast - 2 lights, 2 darks. :) How about this pair of light/dark? :P Both photos taken by my 3 year old son :P this monring while I was sorting thru her package :) What's not to love about his chinny-chin-chin and that cute dimple!

and take a look - above - do you see the cats? Both in the WOW on the bottom left pic and then the teal blue cat in the hot pink batik.... ;) Meow! and I think I see cats in the photo below on the right... the light at the bottom...?

Just lots of great variety - and contrast! :) Cats, Bears, Chicks - won't they be fun to see and discover in their final destination of a quilt! :) Yep, just like "our" Bonnie Hunter... :)

Oh and I think Suebee and I are now trading FQs.... LOL as she was the winner of the "First to Arrive" prize last time in July - and so I sent her a FQ as her prize and now take a look at what she sent to me this time? ;) It's really just 1 FQ but the way I unfolded it, it looks like two. I think I recognize this farbic from a border I've seen in one of her quilts on her blog! ;)

Thanks so much Subeesews!!!

Love from Texas!


  1. I really feel that the internet world and blogland has made me a better seamstress/quilter. It has made thw world so much smaller. Otherwise how would I have ever met the fantastic Bingo-Bonnie???
    I am her fan too. We both love Bonnie!
    Thanks for your generous words!

  2. Both of you guys are great quilters and I check your blogs almost daily! Gives me hope, just like SuebeeSews has said, once my job isn't in my way I hope to accomplish 1/2 of what you two do. I love Bonnie's Crabapple quilt and would love to do a trade for the 9-patches needed. If you do one of those I want to be a part of it. Thanks for all the inspiration!


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