Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mail Call - package from LindaWI arrived!

Ye-ummm! The due date isn't until October 15ht but already a few early birds have started to arrive - and I love it! ;) Just never know what I'm gonna find when I go to the mailbox... well I sorta do b/c my awesome swappers keep me updated and email me or post on the board before they mail so I'll know that their blocks are headed South! ;)

Take a look at these sets from LindaWI. She even sent some very cute colorful smile stickers! I know where those are gonna end up - on the twins' potty charts! :)

and she included some pretty Post-its for me! I did not even know that they made "pretty post-its" did you? Thanks Linda! and did you notice those large colorful paperclips? Perfect for keeping everything neat & tidy and well organized! Great thinking Linda!

and in other news... Nora has been really good about doing her homework every day when she gets home from school - today however she sorta got a little "sidetracked" when we got home - riding her bike and then playing with Paul Thomas... then I started the DVR on the new show I've been recording for her on PBS called "Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That." It comes on just as she and David have to leave the house in the mornings... and I know that she's been anxious to see it b/c for the past few weeks she's seen the commercials for it..

However after the show was over all I had to do was simply say Nora did you get new spelling words today? and she jumped up and went straight to the kitchen table and pulled out her homework. Of course Paul Thomas has to do everything that he sees Nora doing so he went and got his backpack and pulled out his papers from last Thursday and started marking them all up while Nora wrote out her spelling words... "See Ma! See? I do home-ORK too!" ;)

and while talking on the phone this weekend with my Dad - he asked about Paul Thomas' feet since his aunt bite episode about a month ago... so today I thought to get a couple photos so he could see. they're all better... just these little red dot scars... they will probably fade with time. Nor really noticeable unless you look close.

Again thanks to everyone who kept PT in their T's & P's. We really could not have guessed that he would have had such a fast recovery and very little pain after the initial bites. Our prayers were answered!

Love from Texas!


  1. LOL!!! I am sorry to be giggling here, but scroll down your post..it says AUNT BITE, not ant bite! LOL!!! Just what kind of relatives do you have?!

    I'm so happy he is doing better..I've had more than one incident with nasty texas fire ants, and I don't want to go back there again!


  2. **giggle** I saw that too! LOL Well, Halloween is right around the corner! ;-) Check my blog~ I nominated you. :-)

  3. Well thank goodness that got straightened out. I'm new to your blog and I wondered about your FAMILY.


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