Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And we have a WINNER....

Were you thinking I held a giveaway? Oh, I'm sorry... well I do have something that I give away but it's not a blog giveaway but a swap award that I give out - the winner for "First to Arrive" prize goes to...Alicia! :)

She is the very first swapper to turn in her scrappy 4 patches for our October swap! ;) I received her very neat and tidy package in today's mailbox. Thanks for the bright lime green ladybug FQ - I'm always collecting for my twins' "I-Spy" quilts that are still in progress..... did I mention that they both need 100 blocks for each of their quilts... yes it's gonna take me a while. :P

Alicia mentioned in an email to me that this was her very first swap... really? I would have never known any different as her blocks were perfect! Even the back side... look who mastered the little 4 patch pressing trick that I shared a video for on my sidebar ;) Great job!

and below is a photo of the 10 different 4 patches she sent in.. actually she sent in a total of 15 sets... I just didn't get photos of them all.

But as you can see from the closeups that I took of these 10 - she has some AWESOME light fabrics in her fabric stash at home! I'm soooo jealous! I sure wish I had sucha great variety to use up! Seems like anytime I'm in a fabric store I get distracted by all the colors and I'm so lacking in the shirting types.

Again, great job Alicia - you did everything right ;) and I'm so glad that you found my swap!

We had so much fun last time in July with a super fast sign up of 40 participants (however only 33 ended up swapping) that this time, after I "email invited" past participants and waited a week to hear back form them... then I went on the HGTV Board and opened it up to anyone else who wanted to join us - that the remaining spots filled up so quickly again - that I uped the anny to a total of 50 participants! EEEK!

I think there are only 4 or 5 spots available! For more information CLICK HERE to take you to our discussion on the HGTV board. :) I'm really excited that so many are in love with these little jewels and can't wait to continue this swap for the ENTIRE YEAR of 2011!

Love from Texas!

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  1. I would love to share some of my novelty scraps with you for your kid's I-SPY collection. I have recently completed the tops for three ABC tops and am tired of them. LOL Here is a picture of one that I just finished for my son... http://www.flickr.com/photos/arnden/4834669550/
    What size do you need? And where should I send them.
    Adrienne (arnden@yahoo.com)


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