Friday, September 10, 2010

What do you look for in a good iron?

This morning while checking out Facebook inbetween laundry loads I saw and read this -

Judy D wrote - coffee break.......spending my time looking for yet another new iron. Why can't someone make a darn iron that gets hot and stays hot---and has auto shutoff but when you turn it on again, it gets HOT!!!
I'm done ranting now. :)

and I commented - I have the very iron you described as wanting... I bought it when I married 13 years ago and it's still doing just as good as the day I bought it. I have no idea what brand it is as it's not on the iron... I've often hoped to find another one like it for one day just in case it needs to be replaced. Maybe I should do a little closer looking to see - it's gotta have some info on it! I'll get back to you when I find out. ;)

and you know it got me to thinking.......So often quilters often raise this question -what brand is a good iron? I've seen it on blogs, yahoo groups, the HGTV Message board, and now facebook...

I usually skip past the discussions on the yahoo group messages, as I'm not lookin so I just hit delete, delete, delete.... but today I thought I should share more information with my iron that I've had such good luck with.

So to my sewing area I went with my camera in hand ;) I really had never noticed what "brand" it was - although I did know it was not Black-n-Decker or any of the high end brands...that you see in quilt magazines or quilt stores.

Well look a there! The "brand" is printed on the side that faces me each time I use it and I guess I never really noticed it. Have you ever heard of "Proctor Silex"???? No? Well me neither. LOL

We were just newly married in 1997 and my $8 iron took a fall off of the ironing board and died.... so we were at Kmart I think it was... and I had to convince my new husband to let me spend "a lot of money" It couldn't have been more than $30 or $40 but when you are in a whole isle of irons and he's standing down at the end by the $8-$15 ones... it did seem like a lot of money to spend on an iron....

what attracted me to this one was that it has an "AUTO SHUT OFF" See that little square above my thumb? That is the power button. Press it, it lights up and is on. After a set time (I forget how long) it automatically turns it's self off!

See the dial at the top? I never even move it to turn it off... I leave it set on #6 for cotton all the time and it turns it's self off after I leave the sewing room.

and here is the non stick sole plate. I have to confess something. I have N-E-V-E-R cleaned it in it's 13 years! and it wasn't until we moved to Texas that I really started using it on a regular basis as that is when I took up quilting... but still - several years of use for long sleeve dress shirts, and dress pants... and then 5 years of *constant* use for quilt making and it's still doing great!! I can not complain at all!

and look what information I found just below the sole plate.... Hummm this is helpful! It gave me just enough information to come back and google and find their webpage.

Hamilton Beach®
Garment Care

INVENTORY: 62 models are available to buy now
PRICES: $19.99 to $69.99

Ironing innovators since 1929.

We brought America the first adjustable temperature iron in 1929. Through the generations, we built upon this early success by finding out what consumers like and dislike about ironing. Whether what they’re telling us is an attainable goal or a long-term dream, we take the time to listen.

The input we gather from consumers is weighed along with factors like technology and affordability to design irons that make this household chore more pleasant. From crumpled laundry in the hamper to crisp, freshly ironed shirts that are ready to wear, Hamilton Beach is here to help make ironing — and everyday living — a whole lot easier.

Wow 62 models to choose from! in a variety of prices too! ;) I hope the link works for you to click on. and they were the first to offer adjustable temperature irons! I took a look thru many of the models and they no longer have one "exactly" like mine but many comparable. ;) Oh and another thing I like about my iron is this cord guide thingy... see in the photo below of it sticking out to the side. Maybe it's a common feature with all the brands? but I like it. It helps keep the cord out of the way - something my little $8 iron didn't have.

Yep, I'm so glad that I held out for the "too expensive" iron standing there with my newlywed husband in the middle of the Kmart isle. I sure picked a winner! And I'm glad that I took a little time to learn more about who makes it and perhaps helped my friend Judy and a couple others to find one that works for them too without costing as much as an electric bill!

I'm also glad to know that if this one ever decided to retire on me - I'll know just where to go on line to get another by the same makers. Now that I've blogged about it, I can look up this post :) and click and buy.

They sell a lot more than just irons - CLICK HERE and go to products. Oh, and while looking I saw this one and thought it looked interesting.... it comes with it's own travel case which can be used as an ironing mat... not sure about that kick stand thingy? but the product description sounds good... and although this newer model is about double what I paid for the one I love - it's still pretty affordable, considering what the more popular brands go for in quilting stores.

To read more details about the Stay or Go�™ Smart Lift Iron CLICK HERE

I'd love to know if anyone else out there has an iron from this brand????

Love from Texas!


  1. Great post Bonnie. I'm glad my rant prompted this. I'm going in search of this iron next time I'm shopping.

  2. I clicked the link and it took me right to the newest iron I have purchased. I have to admit that the color was what drew me to it. SO far it is not leaking or making any funny noises. I bought one of those Digital Velocity iron a year ago and the darn thing is totally weird to use. It is heavy which is a plus...but it started making odd noises and vibrating. Scarded the
    %^&* out of me!
    P.S. did my 4-patches make it to you yet?????


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