Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wow! Quilter Jen included a Cuppa Joe in with her package!

Well I've never been given a gift card to Starbucks before! But thanks to Quilter Jen, now I have :) Isn't that so very nice!!!? ;) And so are her 15 scrap-oh-lishious sets of blocks!

I guess it sorta qualifies as my first "Christmas card" of the year too! LOL speaking of Christmas, it is only 3 months away for all of you but only 2 months for us as we exchange with family each year when we are home for Thanksgiving. And I'm happy to report I have everyone in KY bought for except my Daddy.... still thinking on that one. ;)

See that cute purple fabric with the skelleton bones!! I'm gonna be sure and snatch that one up for me to keep for sure. He is sooo cute that it almost makes me forget about all the childhood memories of my classmates calling me BONY BONNIE. almost. Sure wish I was deserving of that nick name now. :/

Please know that as a hostess I do not expect hostess gifts. Really, I don't. I do accept them though :) It's always a nice surprise.

I've been in swaps off yahoo groups that required everyone to pitch in to give the organizer a gift certificate from her choice online quilt shop which for her equaled over $100 of shopping. LUCKY her! To me, I think that if the swapper wants to gift or not it is up to them individually. To me I get sucha thrill over all the mail in my mailbox and getting to have first pickings that, that makes it all worth it to host ;)

I only post the photos here on my blog of the gifts that I receive as it is my way to thank my swappers..... I'm getting pretty slack in the one on one email communication these days. Sorry.

Love from Texas!


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