Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mini Peak

This year when Holee's Mini Quilt Swap for the fall rolled around I jumped right on board!! Only difference this time was I would be assigned a swap partner. ;) Although the due date is in the Fall (October) there are no restrictions = Any colors or designs... however, we could ask our swap partner 2 questions about their preferences if they liked holiday themes or if there was a certain color they rather not have.

My partner sewlove2quilt let me know that she la,la,loves 1930's fabrics! ;) So this weekend I'm happy to report that I just finished binding on the VERY SMALLEST Thing I have ever made in my life!

"Smallest Thing Ever"..........as in....
5.5" X 7" is what the whole thing finishes at measuring binding to binding. Eek

and before the 2 borders the quilt top finishes at only 2 1/8 X 4.25" Eek

it does look rather cute in all it's smallness but I'm really not pleased with my less than perfect blocks. Did I mention that there are 40 blocks Eek each only 0.5" big!!! Eek

I've already started making up a second mini that won't be so mini, so that I can hopefully hand quilt that one. Wink and then decide which to keep and which to swap.

I can't show the actual quilt until after the swapping, but here is a little peek at the colors and things. Thanks to dumpr.net for the fun transformation of my peek pic.

Photo Fun
Dumpr - Photo Fun

Ha-Ha yes there is some cutting mat right there in the center of the photo. ;) I purposefully didn't crop the photo so that perhaps that would throw off my partner :P I thought about sharing a photo of the back side b/c all the seams ironed open completely cover the blocks! I'm really impressed that I made something so small.

Of course I wasn't too thrilled with dear husband's reply when I showed him... and asked - What do you think? He took a quick look and replied "Nice potholder." *men*

Love from Texas!


  1. LOL that is probably exactly what my DH would've said too! Congrat's on your mini! I'm looking fwd to the 'unveiling'. ;-)

  2. What a cool photo!!
    I've yet to be apart of a quilt swap. All you bloggers make it sound so fun!
    Can't wait to see the quilt.


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