Thursday, September 16, 2010

My "Sea Green & Brown" is going down under mate!

As of tonight the WINNERS for the Ronald McDonald House Charity Quilts have been posted!

It looks like out of the 30+ winners, only 2 of them were people that I sold tickets to. Congratulations to Lisa Nikkel and Trina Norwood.

You may remember the photo on the right? Nora and I took it to Super Walmart and asked two random strangers to help hold it up in front of the golden arches..... well the lady on the left is Trina Norwood! She didn't win my quilt, but I'm sure she will be very happy with the one that is being mailed to her as it's very pretty too. :)

So WHO did win the quilt you made Bonnie - see I know what you are thinking ;) Another online friend "Kentucky Sunshine" was the name drawn for my quilt and she lives in Australia!!!

My "Sea Green & Brown" is going down under mate!

I just have to cut and paste and share with all of you the winner of my quilt's reply today when I messaged her about my quilt not being washed yet - and to use a Shout Color Catcher if she decides to wash... you can tell she so excited ab...out winning :) and that makes my heart happy to know that it's going to a good home ;)

I am thrilled to Bonnie :0 The quilt you made is beautiful :) I'm not sure if we have the color sheets here in Oz ,I'll have to have a look, and see and if not,I'll see if they have anything equivalent, it's really hard trying to figure out all the items here,finding a good stain remover was insane when I first moved to OZ,and a necessity with a 3 month old ...LOL

Bonnie you are a doll, I'll have a look at the shops this weekend if Caleb is feeling better, I've actually just swapped the double bed that was in our guest room to a single and put it in Caleb's room, so I could have more room to remake into a sewing room (and he's not getting it)...my dining room table is always such a mess! If I can't find the color sheets, i'll certainly give you a yell, because I wanna take care of it... I can't tell you how much I wanted to win it..it was in my top 3, along with the french braid and the feathered flower...I'm still AMAZED that I won...DH thinks I'm silly because I'm over the moon it was made by you another native KY gal, but I just think it goes to show you just how small the world really is, and gives new meaning to the term "coming full circle" as in traveling the globe...did ya know if you put your fingers on the globe and placed them on KY or even the US then on Australia, they are nearly opposites? I never thought I would have ended up here...lol...but I'd better get to bed...I'm so EXCITED and so HAPPY I won...ohhhh and I've already had a couple PM's of people who wanted to win your quilt offering to buy it! As if ~~~shaking my head smugly~~~ LOL

HUGS from Australia :)

And once my quilt arrives...and I get to feeling homesick, I'll just have to wrap myself up in it, and grin :)
AWllllll I'm so happy to know that she can wrap up in my quilt anytime she feels homesick. Isn't that wonderful thing about a quilt - that it really DOES feel like a loving hug? :) Congratulations Kentucky Sunshine!

Again - Thanks SEW very much to everyone for your support! Together we raised $4,177 for Ronald McDonald House Charity!!!!!

Love from Texas!

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  1. Wow, nice to read that your quilt is going to a great place-


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