Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20/10 Mail Call

Today's mailbox had a large rectangular box in it. Inside were blocks from quilterpat6226 and also a little baggie with some goodies for me. :) Take a look - the first photo is what she packed on top for me. :) THANKS Pat!

I just love leftover blocks!!! They help my quilts grow faster than anything! :D and that panel of kid prints I think I can fussy cut around to use an ice cream, a turtle and a butterfly and more! ;) You are sooo thoughtful!

So I bet you are like me...anxious to see WHAT's inside the box.... hummm let's see. There were lots of ziplock baggies....

each one neatly labeled. :)

Just take a look at all of them un-bagged! :) Aren't they great!? Someone once asked me if I thought showing so many closeups of the swap packages as they arrive was "SPOILING IT" for the swappers.... I certainly hope I'm not. I'd say that I'm just making them hungry for more-MORE-MMMMOOORRREE!~ ;)

After all - if I don't show you as many closeups as I can along the way, even those of you who are my "Super Swappers" sending in 20 sets of 10... will not even get to see them all! It always fascinates me when I stop to think of how many "new to me" fabrics I've meet up close and personal as they come across my dining room table... thru swaps and also my annual FQ Bingo each year. You'd think after 5 years, every package I'd open I would find fabrics I've seen a dozen times before... but nope! Nearly all of them are new to me. AWESOME isn't it!? :D

Thanks again Quilterpat6226 for the extra leftover blocks! :) It makes me happy to know that I'll for sure get to keep some from you!

Love from Texas!


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