Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Whole NEW World!

Today (September 18th) was the very first time that my 3 year old twins ever set foot into our 4th bedroom of our home aka my sewing room. *gasp* I know right!

Nora has been having "Happy Room" time ever since we've lived here but I just never felt I could work on quilting and watch Paul Thomas and Olivia at the same time b/c they... well they're constantly on the go, go, GO!

This guest bedroom has two entries - one from the hallway (which isn't impossible to open -but b/c of the house settling the door jam is stuck... so they can't open to enter) and then a 2nd entrance from the kids bathroom... which has a childproof door handle cover on it and also a screen door latch hook thingie (overhead) that I had my Dad put up for me a few years back when Nora figured out how to hang her whole body weight on the childproof thing and just break it apart...

Surprisingly the twins have never even messed with that door... not even wondered what was behind it... perhaps b/c they never saw anyone going in or out. Nora was a very good secret keeper of the "Happy Room" she'd patiently wait for the twins' nap time so she and I could go play :)

However sometime over recent months they stopped taking a daily nap... and well, that meant no more waiting to go to the "Happy Room" for Nora to play with me.. and more time in the dining room with the machine set up so I could be close to where they play and watch movies in the den... and little by little my stuff has taken over the dining room downstairs!!

Also, Nora now !~SIX~!~years old is STILL in her toddler sized bed! Last year a friend gifted us with a matching one to her's and she just doesn't want to bear the thought of not having a bed like Olivia's...

However with her feet touching the foot board and her head against the head board - IT WAS TIME TO CHANGE rather she wanted to or not... So I had a BRILLIANT idea! :)

Move the guest bed outta the sewing room and into her room! The only cost was buying a new bedding set - which she got to pick out and take a look - it's the perfect solution!

The sewing room is gonna need a major cleaning and organizing b/c everything that use to be UNDER the bed is now out in the middle of the room :P But it'll get there... one bite at a time, just like eating an elephant! LOL And now *maybe* I can sew in there with the twins playing - at least I won't have to worry with keepin them off the bed and messing up what I have laid out working on - b/c there will be no bed :P

As for not having an actual "guest room" anymore, my plan is to let our guests have Nora's room and bed... then use our blow up mattress in our room for her to sleep on when we have family visiting :) I actually think they'll be more comfortable in Nora's room than they were in my cluttered sewing room. Who knows, they may even say an extra night or two!??! ;)

Love from Texas!


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